summergirl731: Hey how have you been?

pretty good actually (:

thank you for asking, how are you?

Anonymous: Hi! Just read your wattpad story A Few Things About Love & I can't find the extended version you wrote & I would love to read it! Can you link it please? I tried looking for it on your page but I couldn't find it :( Love your stories by the way!!

Thank youu so much for reading, and im glad that you enjoy it (:

Heres the direct link to the extension (:

if that link doesnt work, lemme know lol

Anonymous: I came to your blog & found the surprise of 2 chapters!!! Gracias 😭😭😭

(: (: (: youre so welcome ! <3

Anonymous: Two parts within a week? I'm in heaven, lol. Your fanfic is still my favorite. No matter the lack in updates. LOVE IT!

hahaa thank you so much !

this really means a lot <33

Anonymous: I love your story but lately it's been slacking with including Blake and it's been boring. Maybe I'm biased but you should add Blake more into the story :))


yeah i know. i didn’t meant for this story to be this long - i was aiming for it to only have 14 parts, but somewhere in the story i added way too much and I’m not finished with where i want to be in it.

for each one of my fanfics, I know ahead of time what i want to happen, i have a separate document with Nothing More I Want all planned out from start to finish. The lack of Blake is intentional - its leading up to a really important part that I’ll be getting to by at least part 16, maybe even 15 if I could fit it into that part.

i’ve been getting more and more busy with school stuff and life at home, but I love writing this story and writing it for everyone who wants to read it, and i’m really sorry for the hiatus’s and such an elongated storyline that barely involves the most important character, but im making sure that it’ll be worth it in the end.

I aim to please. 

and I feel really bad that you feel this way. but im telling you, it’s getting to the good part. im not finished yet.


Anonymous: When's the next update :(
Anonymous: When are you posting a new chapter? It's been forever :((


here it is !! Im so sorry for the wait !

Anonymous: Update? :)
Anonymous: Are you updating soon?!!??