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Fanfic Update


The explicit extension to Part 12 is

here ;D

Fanfic Update

The explicit extension to Part 12 is

here ;D

"We can talk later…" :: Extended Version

The extended r-rated version of Part 12 ;) Nothing More I Want: Blake Griffin Fanfic


“Do we ever just ‘talk’ anymore?” He asked, jokingly.

“Why don’t we talk in the bedroom?”

“Or in the kitchen? Or on the couch?” He grinned into neck before biting softly. I squirmed against him and the wall, a moan escaping my lips. “Or maybe right here?”

“I’m so glad I came over,” I said as I took his face into my hands again and brought him up to kiss me again. This time he lifted me off the wall and brought me towards the couch. The steps were too far away, and to be honest, any surface would do at this point. I wanted him and only him - extremely bad. And I was gunna have him anywhere I could.

“We can talk later,” Blake said as he laid me down onto the cushions. He climbed on top of me like an animal. “I want you right now.

And how could I deny him that?

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