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Blake Griffin's "lover". i guess. girlfriend? maybe.
i reblog so many pics of him regardless. i'm still his number one fan .xx
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Tbt to one of my favorite pics of blake ever
Draw a picture of me and submit it to me please

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he is soo fucking adorable like please never stop
summergirl731 asks:Are you gonna continue your story because it's great? I have it like 3x on wattpad

Yessss the story will be continued, but I am pausing it for the next few weeks. I am at a pre-college program for an art school at the moment we are given daily/nightly assignments and our ‘lights out time is at 12 am, otherwise I would stay up until 4 am writing for you all, just to get it updated the next day (,: im really sorry for such a long wait, but i didnt expect to be this busy — and its my summer break !